A few special things

About my game in general.

Character Death:
first of, if a player approaches me, and wants to play a new character, and have their old one die within the plot, that is totally awesome, and I will build that into the game (especially if the other players do not know it is coming). Now, as for the death of a character from combat or other circumstances. I think I will give the player a choice. The default is that your character dies, and you roll up a new one. HOWEVER, my friend Matthew made a really good argument that I agree with; If a player is really enjoying a character, and you kill that character off without their permission, it’s like telling them that they are no longer allowed to have fun. Based on this, if a player wishes to keep that character, I will give them a reason for the character to have survived. I also think this offers a great roleplaying opportunity. Here is an example: A paladin has the ability to take a hit instead of another character. So the paladin takes the hit, and it turns out that it was more damage than he thought, and it kills him. The paladin was prepared for death when he jumped in front of that blow, and was ready to go join his god. He is at peace. Then he wakes up. The battle has ended or at least is dying down. His moment of glory for his god was stolen from him, and he is lost. Now the player has a chance to act out the confusion his character feels, perhaps losing control of his emotions in the next encounter (be it social or combat) an then repenting later. I know for me, this would be a great opportunity to explore my character and to have fun behaving in an unusual way.

Starting stats:
I think I am going to do their basic point buy. Just in general, I’m going to try to keep the power balance about the same as the base game, as my last game had some problems with the characters being overpowered based on their level.

Running the game:
Here is the schedule for the game as I would like it: Start with a group recap, with all of the players telling what happened last time, to get us in the mood and remembering the events of last game. Then of course, comes the game itself. Afterwords, I will ask each player what their favorite and least favorite part of that session was.

Extra stuff:
I will ask nicely that each player write a journal about what happened in the last session. Not for xp or anything, just to help me bring their character into the plot more. The other thing I was thinking about was the “roleplaying bonus” that has been offered so often in games I have played. I think that I may have the players vote on 2 things: best roleplaying overall, and coolest thing done. These cannot go to the same person. Instead of rewarding xp, I was thinking I could give those characters a bonus action point that they have to use in the next session, but cannot be used in the same encounter as another action point. Keeping with the 2 encounters/milestone, I think this would work out to make it a nice reward without unbalancing the game terribly.

That’s all I can think of for tonight. I got D&D 4e books today, and I am reading through the DM’s Guide first. I like that it is actually a guide to being a DM instead of just an expanded players handbook (although it is that a little too).

anyway, goodnight, blog!

~ by episoen on June 7, 2008.

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