Negative Levels

•June 1, 2008 • 1 Comment

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about negative levels, but I’ve never actually seen them used. They don’t feel very complicated to me, and I like that there is another way to kill the players that is not straight HP damage.

I’m going to use negative levels my D&D game at 5 today, so I guess I will finally see how they work out. The monster I made is full of ways to drain your levels. If you grapple him, do a touch attack against him, or in any way touch him, you get a negative level. if he hits you, you get a negative level. He also has a breath weapon: reflex save or get a negative level. And against those that try to get away from him: a ranged touch attack dealing 1d3 negative levels. I’m not too worried about the numbers game, in nothing else I can just take the negatives into account myself so that my players don’t have to deal with it. Easy enough.

If things go according to plan, this will be the last session of my current campaign. If the players win, hooray! I’ll start a new world for my next campaign in 2-3 weeks. If not, then I will have a nice launching point for a 4e campaign if I want. We shall see! I’ll publish this post after the game with the answers to all my questions.
After the game


Backing off a bit

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after almost 2 weeks of posting daily, I think that it is a little too fast for me to actually put up good posts. I think I’m going to back off to 3-4 times a week. I should probably pick a schedule, so I’ll say mon-wed-fri and one on the weekend. So, a new post tomorrow! but nothing much today.

Adept Abilities

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The idea behind the adept is that they gain supernatural abilities through practice and training. Their sub-schools are perfection, extended form, and psionics.

Adept Abilities

Sorcerer Mind Effects

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Based on the model I currently have, it is really easy to get fire, lightning, ice, force, maybe “necrotic” or “holy” (in case you haven’t noticed, I have not decided on terms for everything yet) energy, etc. spells because they can all behave in similar fashions. However, it gets more tricky for more specialized spells; Earth spells, mind-effecting spells, and the like become difficult to write inside of the system. You end up needing a lot of abilities with extensive descriptions, which I would like to avoid.

So today I will write some musings on mind-effecting spells.

Mind Spells

Death and Dying

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After reading a post by Matthew I got to thinking about PC death again. Right now I am playing D&D, so there is a large degree of randomness that can make the battle turn easily. I find that I go through phases on this.

Pulling Punches or not?


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Hello, Blog. Once again, I have missed my 12:00 deadline. Oh well, at least I am maintaining a one post per waking time schedule.



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Guess I missed my deadline of midnight… I was over a Matthew’s house playing Super Mario Galaxy. I get really addicted to mario games. I will just have to make another post today to make up for it. Anyway, this will just be a short post, b/c bedtime.

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